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Hi Sir, this is Swapnil Awekar from Pune...
Sir, I wanted the guidance from you, as I tried to get answer from Suhas Sapre Sir, but he is not available right at the moment. So I replied to you Sir.
Sapre Sir told me to give exams from Maharashtra Cricket Association, Pune. I gave that exam last 5 months ago. But unfortunately I didn't cleared that exam. I got 27 marks out of 100, which are too low. But I got the nice experience about the paper pattern and the strength of the exams. I have started working for the exams again and revising the laws regularly...
Sir, I want to ask for the way to study that laws... How should I work and plan my studies for the laws..??
Sir, I have started umpiring from the Pune District Cricket Association and umpired in 4 matches around Pune. My parents are also very supportive and gives me backing to proceed in this field and make a career as a International Umpire. A great guidance from International Cricket Umpire Vineet Kulkarni is helping me a lot for the progress.
Sir, I want to ask you one personal question... As I am living in Pune I am connected with Maharashtra Cricket Association. But later onwards, if required, I can move to some other associations too. We are planning to buy a house in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai.... So from Mumbai Cricket Association I can do umpiring too. Sir, will it be ok to join Mumbai Cricket Association or just remain in Maharashtra Cricket Association.
As a career and a future decision, which association will be OK to for me to work with.. I am very eager to join Mumbai Cricket Association and one colleague from Mumbai Office, Mr. Sonalkar, is guiding me from there. So, I want some suggestions from you to work as a umpire from Pune or Mumbai.
Even please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of working from both of the associations. Your suggestions will be very helpful for me to decide my future way.....
I am eagerly waiting for your answer and will again communicate for further queries.
Thank You Sir.

Swapnil Awekar, Pune


hi swapnil,
it was a good long info regarding you, but in the case u have mentioned it is u who have to take decision and maybe if u have some access take advice from the person who u believe most.
it would be unfair to say something which i should not.



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