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Hi Sir,
We have a few questions on the rules for a beamer -

Q1 - If a batsman is standing at his normal stance inside crease and the bowler bowls a beamer (over the waist when crossing the batsman) will he be out. This could happen if the batsman is say very short 4.5 ft and bowler is 8ft.

Q2 - If the batsman is normally standing outside his crease (before bowler starts his run-up) and then gets a beamer which crashes the stumps will he be out.

Q3 - If the batsman is within his crease before run-up and charges the bowler as he delivers but gets a beamer which bowls him, will he be declared out.

Q4 - If the batsman is within his crease before bowler delivers and gets a beamer, what happens when he takes an evasion action by jumping out of his crease and the ball hits the stumps, will he be out.

Q5 - If a batsman is way outside his crease while playing a shot and the bowler intentionally bowls a ball over his head which he cannot possibly play and that hits the stumps, will he be declared out.

Thanks in advance for your reply.
We in our society play Sunday cricket and have had quite a few discussions over this and we could not get absolute clarity in the rule book


the law is very clear that anything passing above the waist when the striker is standing upright at his crease will be noball.

1)typical to find a bowler of 8 ft and beamer has no relation with height of either batsmen or bowler
5)if the ball is hitting stumps then he is out



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