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Cricket/Dismissal method for Striker


 Respected Sir, If on fair delivery bowled by spinner, striker having no intention of attempting run, stepped out well forward to hit the ball to 6 runs. But missed it. Ball hit on wicket keeper's helmet & rebounds directly on to the stumps to remove one bail completely & Subsequently ball rested just behind the wicket. Having seen the striker is still out of ground but not attempting run, wicket keeper immegiately picked the ball & removed another bail fairly. 1)In this circumstances whether striker is out stumped or out run out? 2) what would be the decision by umpire if it was a No ball? 3) If before hiting WK's helmet ball have been touched by WK's hand, then what would be the case?

Law 39.2 (b) If the ball touches a protective helmet worn by the wicket-keeper, the ball is still in play but the striker shall not be out Stumped. He will, however, be liable to be Run out in these circumstances if there is subsequent contact between the ball and any fielder.

In this situation, I would regard "fielder" as including Wicket Keeper.

Since clearly some time has passed I would consider the striker is no longer attempting to play the ball but has entered the running phase - even though he has not actually run.  He has a duty to regain his ground.

39.3 (b) If the striker is not out Stumped he may, ..., be out Run out if the conditions of Law 38.1 (Out Run out) apply.

Hence I would give him Run Out in both (1) and (2).

Sorry I do not understand the subtlety of (3).


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