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Andrew Brown wrote at 2006-07-18 11:34:47
I was under the impression that a diamond duck (going one better than a golden duck, which is to be out first ball) was in fact being out without facing a ball. For example, and I think the only way one could be out for a diamond duck, would be to be run out before having taken strike.

Andrew Brown wrote at 2006-07-18 11:37:27
A ROYAL duck is getting out first ball of the match, and a PLATINUM duck is getting out first ball of the first match of the season.

Nicky Cole wrote at 2007-10-18 11:20:28
A diamond duck also refers to a batsman who is out for 0 without facing a ball, for example if they are run out without facing, or stumped off a wide first ball.

Phil Brumby wrote at 2008-01-02 06:19:29
A Diamond Duck is also when a batsmen is out even before a ball has been bowled at him. This would be in the rare instance when he was run out.

David wrote at 2008-02-24 07:04:28
Actually, to go out first ball of a match is a platinum duck. A diamond duck is to go out without having faced even one ball. Usually, this comes off a run-out.

One example (very recent) is Brett Lee, last ball of Australia's innings, being run out in their one-day match against India, 24 February 2008.

uisdfusdf wrote at 2008-10-11 09:49:19
ur wrong a diamond duck is when someone gets out without facing a ball usually getting out from been run out what u were talkin about was a platinum duck

Nikhil wrote at 2008-12-17 09:25:34
A diamond duck is when a batter goes out without facing a ball.

ie. The previous batter goes out on the last ball of the over or is run out after the batsmen cross. Hence the new batter is the runner. This new batter is then runout and hence hasn't faced a ball yet.

BLUEY wrote at 2009-03-04 12:20:27
i am sorry if i upset the answer you have already read..a diamond duck is what you get after coming into bat..getting run out and have not even faced a ball..THAT IS A DIAMOND DUCK...getting bowled first ball in a test match is the same same as every other first ball..A GOLDEN DUCK

Andy wrote at 2010-12-05 01:03:14
Actually, as Simon Katich brought to attention in the opening innings of the 2010 Ashes in Adelaide, a diamond duck is where a batsmen is out for no runs having not even faced a ball.

Shark wrote at 2012-01-08 09:44:39
A diamond duck is when you get out without facing a single ball. This can happen if you are stumped on a wide or runout on the other side.

A Golden duck is out first ball of a match.

A duck is out for 0  runs

A platinum duck is out first game of the season for a golden duck

Waterwerewolf929 wrote at 2012-02-19 08:50:17
Platinum Duck-Getting out first ball of the first match of the season

Royal Duck-Getting out first ball of the match

Diamond Duck-Getting out with no runs not having to face a ball either.

(You have to get run out for a diamond duck?)

Golden Duck- Get out on first ball faced with no runs.

Duck-Get out on with no runs

HP wrote at 2013-01-04 13:13:32
In addition to run-outs and being stumped off a wide, a Diamond Duck can also result from being given out for Handling the Ball without having faced a delivery.


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