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Cricket/Duckworth-Lewis System in 1992 World Cup


Andy wrote at 2007-03-08 11:53:18
Hi, just got such a D/L tool on net, can't confirm its authentication though. It says that SA would need 238 to win under that circumstances. Since they were 232 only, England would have won that match.  

dinesh wrote at 2007-08-28 20:50:41
with duckworth lewis the score would have been that africa would require 5 for one ball remaining

Mark M wrote at 2009-05-29 15:08:09
A Duckworth/Lewis calculation under the rules in 2006 would have first set South Africa a target of 273 in 45 overs, and then reduced this to 257 from 43 overs. (see notes at

Thus a D/L calculation for the final ball would be irrelevant as SA were not chasing down the D/L target (England's innings had been shortened by 5 overs and the SA target was not adjusted up to account for the fact that they knew they only had 45 overs).

However, performing the actual calculation comes to an England win by 24 runs.

Kshitij wrote at 2013-07-30 19:05:14

they would have needed 3 runs to win off the last ball and 2 runs to tie.



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