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What would the FBI do when they learn a US citizen travels a lot to Scotland to have sex with 16-year-old girls?  Scotland police tell the FBI that this US citizen has broken no laws in Scotland because an adult can legally have sex with 16-year-old girls in Scotland.


Any US citizen that goes outside the US to break a law, if evidence is provided to federal law enforcement, in this case ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) could be detained and possibly charged upon return into the United States. This law is especially used for pedophiles. There are several private organizations which do investigate these cases and provide law enforcement the evidence to ICE so upon the US citizens return can be charged.
In Scotland 16 is the age of consent for sex, but an aduly 5 years or older than a 16 year old can be charged with statutory rape as the laws of the United Kingdom still prevail local laws.

Just so you understand, the FBI is only 1 of 89 different agencies which investigate criminal activity within the United States of America. Each agency has a specific charter and specific charge for cases. The FBI is only one of the agencies with a charter, other agencies include The US Secret Service (which are part of the Dept. of Treasury) which investigates counterfeit money, credit card fraud and also charged with presidential security; The Drug Enforcement Agency which investigate narco-traffic; Alcohol Tabacco and Firearms, which investigates weapon smuggling; National Security Agency, which is charged with securing communication systems used for fraud and criminal activities and many many more agencies.

The FBI's main charter is to investigate crimes of kidnapping and assistance to local city, county and state law enforcement to investigate crimes that go beyond their jurisdictional limits. Most embassy's have a representative of the FBI, which are a liaison with local national law enforcement, as do the Federal Air Marshals, DEA, and a few other agencies. No agency has more priviledge than the other, all work together within their charter to protect US interests.


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