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If someone was arrested. How often does the request for a lawyer get lost?  It has taken 5 weeks before suspect and lawyer have talked for the first time. Why can a lawyer not get a copy of the arrest record when having already agreed to take the case? And when attempting to procure the record a freeze is put on it, and the Feds are given another week to finish building their case before any information is handed over to the lawyer?  If you need more information please let me know.

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 i think you should ask your lawyer for his paperwork.....there is no reasonable way that would ever happen if you have been arrested.  if the feds were still 'building' their case, they would not have arrested you.  

 there can be no arrest without an arrest report, and if they came and arrested you, there is a case file somewhere that isnt lost.

 sorry for the delay, but if you have more info, feel free to send it.


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i am currently the domestic violence coordinator for my department. i am a field training officer and i have been teaching self-defense, drugs, and search warrants and affidavits at the local academy for the past 10 years, and domestic violence for the past 3 years. i was the assitant to the federal monitor while our jail was under a consent decree, which we successfully came from under.

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