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There is this tv reality show on National geographic called "Drugs Inc." Where the producers of the show go into the dealers homes and have him show the viewers how they process their drugs to sell. And they also spend time with the users on how they shoot up to get their high. I know with the war on drugs in America that all these activities are illegal. If they are why is the federal government allowing this show to be aired all across the Nation on tv? It would seem logical that this show would of been banned before it even got broadcasted.

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An excellent question. We have made the same observation(s) about that show and the other waste of TV airtime "Moonshiners."

Our initial reaction would be to question the authenticity of what is being depicted on the show - are these 'real' drugs/whiskey or simply 'placebos' developed for the show. In point-of-fact, if real, what is being depicted on-air are federal felonies being committed by people that are being identified by face and name. We can only assume the producers have had their legal team figure a way to do this without subjecting the 'actors' to arrest. One way would be to simply depict what they are trying to show without using real 'products.'

In that National Geographic has always been one of the most reputable organizations in the print and now TV/video media, I would suggest they have no doubt crossed their T's and dotted their I's. In any event. you might direct your question to the National Geographic General Counsel and see what shakes out.

Again, great observation on your part.

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