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Hi Luis

There is this tv reality show on National geographic called "Drugs Inc." Where the producers of the show go into the dealers homes and have him show the viewers how they process their drugs to sell. And they also spend time with the users on how they shoot up to get their high. I know with the war on drugs in America that all these activities are illegal. If they are why is the federal government allowing this show to be aired all across the Nation on tv? It would seem logical that this show would of been banned before it even got broadcasted.

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Hi Sterling,
You know, you are absolutely right about this being illegal activity being recorded, and I had given this very aspect with reality TV and the illegal activity in mind. Though I am retired, and when I retired in '07 reality TV hadn't reached where it is today, so I reached out to a couple of my cohorts who are still active agents and this was their reply on this.

Remember a couple of things;
1- Reality TV isn't as real as people think, many aspects are either scripted and are played by either wannabe's, actor's or former players.
2- The reason that these show's continue to play is because in some cases, actually help provide evidence against the culprits.

Now through my own experience the reason the shows are allowed to air is reason 3: Freedom of the press. As they air as supposed documentary shows, they are constitutionally protected.

I hope this helps.

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