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My half sister is accusing me of hacking even though she GAVE me her password and I DO have a screenshot of her telling me to save her password just in case if something happens to her. However she accuses me of hacking anyway, So if she were to press charges, Could she win the case? EVEN though I do have proof of her giving her password to me? I did snoop into her account one time though, looking at her Facebook though. Although I never went in there again except for that one time. So if it isn't hacking then she COULD charge me with invasion of privacy, but would I go to jail for invasion of privacy? Is it a felony?? I'm in the state of Kansas by the way. Please help

If she decides to do press charges we will counter that saying that she did harass me and I got screenshots to prove that...and even made me go to the Hospital for suicide! So I hope she does not charge me unless she wants to be involved in this too!


The short answer is no.  You could only be charged and convicted if you used her information to benefit yourself such as assuming her identity or stealing her credit card number and using it, etc.  The fact that you merely snooped in her Facebook Account after she entrusted you with the password is not enough.  

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