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Recently, I ran into an issue at school: I had worn a Guy Fawkes mask in acknowledgement of Gunpowder Day. But my principal told me to take it off or I would be suspended from school. I told him this was unfair, Gunpowder Day was a holiday and that I wasn't being unlawful in wearing the mask. He said and I quote "I can't tell your identity. You're anonymous." This was a reference to the group Anonymous wearing the same mask but he didn't want to admit that was the reason. I want to know: is it unlawful to wear a mask at a CA school?


In short the answer is yes.  Your school officials are correct in making you unmask.  The reason is not a freedom of speech one, but for one of public safety.  In light of all of the violence occurring in public places school officials have the upper hand in mandating that identities and purposes are clearly defined by all students, faculty, and visitors.  A person wearing a mask at a public or even private school will most likely (and correctly) be deemed a threat.  This is especially so in light of the fact that Guy Fawkes Day (the Gunpowder Conspiracy of 1605) is not a U.S. Holiday or tradition.  Best of luck.


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