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If someone is investigating you, maybe for a lawsuit...Can they have someone open your email?


The answer is maybe.  If the action was protected by a search warrant or falls under the very broad investigatory provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT where warrantless searches are allowed, for example, the answer is yes.  If under any other condition or provision the answer is most likely no.  If you believe that your privacy has been compromised by illegal means and intent contact your local police and state agencies.  If proof is found you may pursue prosecution.  If authorities cannot assist then consider private prosecution at your local court level.  As always know that a competent attorney could provide assistance in helping you to sue in court under the potential civil wrongs (torts) of:
   Intrusion -- A physical, electronic or mechanical intrusion into someone's private space. This is an information-gathering, not a publication, tort. The legal wrong occurs at the time of the intrusion; no publication is necessary.

   Public Disclosure of Embarrassing Private Facts -- Publication of non-newsworthy, private facts about an individual that would be highly offensive to a reasonable person (true defamation)(so intimate that outrage the public's sense of decency).

   False light -- Publication of false, highly offensive (but not necessarily defamatory) information about an individual.  

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