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Hi, So over the weekend my car was vandalized, I filed a police report and I got 2 estimates at both $9,000. The girls who did it posted a picture on a social media site of them standing on top of my car. I sent everything to the police and said I wanted to press charges. I know it'll take a few days before I know whats going to happen and when we will go to court, but what im wondering is what usually happens in situations like this? the 2 girls are 18, and i'm 19, and we live in santa barbara CA. my car is an 02 bmw, so the damages are worth more then my car is.

Do you have auto insurance comprehensive coverage? If yes they total the car pay you book value. If you do not have it you are kinda out of luck. You can try to sue them if they have any net worth. If there are photos of them doing it them most likely outcome they will plea deal to the charge. The criminal court can drag on for a year. Here is an overview of the process.

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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I have a BA in Psychology and 6.5 years expirance working with at risk youth. Many went on to criminal careers regardless of good peoples efforts. In my expirance people are criminals or they are not. On average over 100 crimes are committed by each offender before they are caught. There are few true first offenders only first caughts.
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I have received 31 awards and honors for various activities.

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