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This past weekend my husband and I were pulled over on Thursday night at 1 am. Reason was no marker light on rear license plate. 4 officers in 3 cars quickly descended upon us.  It was bogus from the start.  And it ended badly for us.  We were taken to jail on a 24 hour hold, my car impounded.  After we got our car back, some of our possessions were missing.  Specifically, an envelope with approx 600.00 cash inside it.  The arresting officer claims that there was no envelope or money.  He removed it out of my husband's pocket while we were cuffed, inquired about what was in envelope and how much.  I heard this as well.  However, the other officers were otherwise occupied searching my car.  It is our word against his.  But he has our legally earned money.  PLEASE set me on the best course of action.  I have accepted that I will not get my money back but I cannot just let him outright steal it right out from us.  Small town in Missouri, only 4 officers on payroll.  AND--this officer has felony charges of stealing by deceit pending against him at this time from a side business he has. I did have a small amount of pot in my purse, municipal charges on me from this. So im the drug addict, and filing a complaint with city council will get no results.  I am at a loss how to proceed.  Thank you for your time


 file your complaint and be as honest with them as you are with this post.  if he already has a history, the more people who come forward the better the chances that he will be removed from his position.  dont hope for your money back but for justice and dont be scared to file with the district attorneys office or the state police.


Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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i am well versed on search and seizure, self-defense, domestic violence, 4th & 5th amendments, drugs, jails and conditions, tasers, raids.


i am currently the domestic violence coordinator for my department. i am a field training officer and i have been teaching self-defense, drugs, and search warrants and affidavits at the local academy for the past 10 years, and domestic violence for the past 3 years. i was the assitant to the federal monitor while our jail was under a consent decree, which we successfully came from under.

graduated from the police academy in 1989. successfully passed a consent decree. worked undercover for 5 years, narcotics for 6. over 1200 hours of training in specialized areas. certified defensive tactics instructor, taser instructor, completed management and superivision modules, senior deputy modules.

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