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Hello Mr Hauck,
First of all I thank you for your time in reading my post and trying to sincerely help me.
I have been a victim of fraud and extortion. I need your help and support to recover my hard earned money.

I am 30 year old male. I do not gamble much. I am actually a smart man and earned all my money hard way with honesty. I had all my money saved for last 2 years. I was in puerto plata Dominican republic and was visiting sosua to meet a guy friend who flew from Miami. We were checking out the places and I was invited to play with free 2 coins at progressive roulette at grand bay casino sosua. Because it was free, I got involved.

There have been multiple reports on this fraudulent game. And how many have lost huge money in matter of less than an hour. I did not know this before.

The purpose of the game is to get 100 points which you will never get. In matter of few minutes, I reached 90 which was fraudulent(doesnt matter what numbers are actually thrown, dealer will falsely read it to high numbers at 70 or 80.and cameras won't catch it because the balls are small. Now because its in your favor, you dont question him and think you are very lucky. this is where he will gain your confidence. and within 3 rounds, you are 90 and all you need now is 10 points to win jack pot. but you actually never got those points.. )I was repeatedly told to play the game. And that I will win 800 000 dollars. By next few minutes, I reached 99 and I got stuck there. They started using my debit card repeatedly and ultimate i shed out 43 000 dollars. Ya screw me. It only doubled the bet and the cash price. Now i realized there was something wrong. so i started counting balls and numbers and it was too late then. i checked the machine and see if he was manupulating it. Nope.. the basic psyhcology in this game is the combination numbers are designed in a way that it will not hit 100. you will only be hitting the numbers which will double the bet or get 10-1000 dollars. but you cant quit the game until you hit 100 or else you lose all the money. It was totally a mind game. It has to do with how human psychology works.

I realized by this time it was fraudulent. They told me that they will keep the casino open extra 24 hours just for me. They offered free drinks. They told me to give them good tip when I win and that their children will be happy with just new pair of shoes. . They said once i win then all my debit charges will be cancelled. They said guys in punta Cana have won millions in this game. They said it would be foolish to quit at this point that I have earned 99 in 45 min.. And that casino wants me to quit but that I shouldn't, they said i should call my friends and family if I run out of money. I just looked around at the dead casino with 4 walls. My buddy sitting with me was isolated and told to not give me any advise and that I am playing an intelligent game.. Casino told me that I should send my friend out or not trust him because of so much money that I will win. I told them its ok and I trust him. They asked me where I live so that I will be given extra security once I win such big money. They got my phone number.. They asked me to sign on 30 different documents which included debit card charges, some hand written charges. My buddy asked me if I really thought casino would pay us 800 000 even if I win? I cannot imagine the casino had more than 1000 dollars with them at that time.. I asked them and they said because it was so much money, they will pay 50 000 dollars in hand and rest will be wire transferred or through a cheque. Now they knew i was suspicious and my safety was questioned. But all signatures were completed by that time.

They ultimately froze the game. And said i should play tomorrow and make arrangement for more money as I will win.. . I went home and read online reports. I realized that I was just robbed 43 grand.. They asked me where I lived, my number.... I quickly checked out into some far remote hotel.. I threw my phone.. I called my bank to see if I can block the money transfer.. I couldn't because of some federal law.. I told the bank that I was repeatedly threatened to use my card.. My safety was in question. I called the airlines to prepone my flight to the earliest next available so that I can fly out. I flew next morning.

I called the department of casino, finance Dominican Republic to file a complaint. People there seem to be understanding and very helpful. But they asked me to come to Dominican Republic Santa Domingo to file a complaint. Without this they can't do anything. I would want to go there and see if this games can be blocked.

I called the casino and said i am filing complaints. And that its not right thing to do to take money from someone who has genuinely earned. They asked where i was. LOL. They cared less and told me to go ahead and file a complaint.. They said casino pays taxes and has 1000 of complaints which they hardly care. They said that they have it on camera on how excited I was and that I enjoyed the glamor.They said case will run in years and ultimately won't do anything.

While I was flying back, I googled the best lawyer and called him.. He asked me to put down 1000 dollars down payment for him to investigate. He also said that if I get any money back, he will keep 30 percent.

I called office of casino, Finance back again and said that I was robbed the money.. I have very less hope of getting back. I told them that if I could recover the money, I will donate more than half of it to charity so that it will atleast go in good hands.

If you look at us govt travel website on DR, it warns you to not play progressive roulette or Kano.. I was not aware of them earlier. I was scammed big time. I am just lucky that I am alive. My safety was in question.. I read reports saying how other people were actually threatened and were not be able to leave the casino.. Other who complained to Casino were thrown out...

I will be happy to file a case and try my best to atleast stop such games so that innocent people don't get taken advantage of.. If anybody has gone through what I have, please suggest what I do.. For others please be cautious.. Do not enter casino in third world countries.. You will be dragged into a game where you have zero chance of winning.. And then your safety is also in question..

I have tried every possible way to get money back but all in vain..I am still in shock. Money i lost is huge and was earned hard way. The game is incredibly falsely designed. It's fraudulent. It's all about gaining confidence from players and then manipulating their innocence, trust.

I have come to this conclusion. I bought a lesson for 43 grand. Its a very expensive purchase.
For the last 5 days, I have been reading articles about scam artists, fraud and identity theft.
There was actually as con artist who sold taj mahal of India and Eiffel tower to renowned businessman and banks.. You think these organizations are fools? yes they are in a way but hey scam artists have cultivated this knack.. Thats all they do all their life.Its hard for a person to be on their tows 24 hours, 365 days.
Never in my life have i been taught about scams and frauds.. I watched them on news but never knew it would happen to me..
I am still young. I will make money.. I just learnt a big lesson and the casino taught me for 43 grand.. I will still fight the case. I will report it to dominican govt.. If there is anything i could do, is atleast to block this fraudulent game from my side so that another innocent man dont get ripped off.
I hope the bank will return my money.. Not sure.. Bank of america told me that they will return all the money as long as i can prove it was fraud. I have great rapport with the bank so far.. never had any problems with the law and never will.. Its fraud and I know it.. I still have hope to get money back... Besides my security was also threatened..
what are my hopes?
somebody said to get in touch with lawyer.. I dont have much hopes on that.
Its also lot of money to let it go.. I need some suggestions..
One more important thing is they charged extra 8000 dollars on my account. those dont have any of my signature. I have reported it to the bank. they said it will take 10 days for them to get back.
what are my hopes to get the money from the bank? should i hire a lawyer?
One of my friend who was there with me is a witness. he said he will help me in every possible way.


I think you are already working on the correct remedies.  As this fraud occurred outside of the United States your options are limited.  By contacting your credit card company and banking institution you may be able to recoup some of your losses.  You could report the operation to the local authorities or the Dominican National Police.  You could report it to INTERPOL or the FBI  Gambling in and of itself carries inherent risks.  The truth is that in most nations corruption is rampant.  You could retain an attorney to take the Casino to court but the legal fees it would cost might cancel out any recovery or have no effect at all.  I wish I could give you better advice to buoy your hopes.  Unfortunately the way I see it you will most likely have to take the bullet for most of this.  At least you learned a valuable lesson.  Again, focus on the bank recovery and the credit card company to protect yourself.  Sorry for you loss.  Best of luck.  

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