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Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty/What does the FBI do when a witness is scared (does not trust) of the local/state police and the state attorney?


QUESTION: What does the FBI do when a witness is scared (does not trust) of the local/state police and the state attorney? He only feels comfortable in talking federal law enforcement and testifying in a federal grand jury, and is very comparative? Reason there is corruption going on, and does not know if the local district attorney is involved. He knows that the federal law enforcement is not likely to be involved, because they are an outside agency.

ANSWER: If it is not a federal case the FBI has no jurisdiction. There is a clear line of separation and jurisdiction. If the witness feels there is corruption the FBI has nothing to do with it, it is brought up to the Assistant U.S. Attorney's office and they look into it, only if they feel there is merit to the case.
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QUESTION: Local law enforcement is asking him question, and he wants the FBI tell local law enforcement to stay away from him. He only feels conformable in talking to local law enforcement if there is a federal law enforcement agent and or the US attorney present.  Reason local law enforcement is not likely to try anything illegal if the FBI is watching there every move.  I have seen cases on the FBI files, where even the FBI was sacred of local law enforcement.  This person has reason to believe that local law enforcement is likely to be involved in criminal activity.

Ok, there is a clear misunderstanding of how the US judicial system works. If this person does not want to speak to police, he does not have to, he can evoke his 5th Amendment rights. Now he must first get an attorney and get legal advice. If this person is being charged with a crime and cannot afford an attorney then he can have one appointed by the court.
The FBI cannot tell local law enforcement to lay off of someone, only the courts can. If the police are harassing and not charging him with a crime, they can file an injunction, but again this should be done through an attorney.
Now, here in the US the likelihood of having an entire police department and district attorney's office being engaged in that level of activity is not only unlikely, but improbable, especially in a major city.
FBI has no power to tell a local police department what they can or cannot do on a case. This type of activities are overseen by the Department of Justice (DOJ# and investigated by the OIG #Office of Inspector General), the scenario described here is one that may have been possible up until about the 70's and maybe the 80's, but there is too much oversight for something of this magnitude to go on so openly. In 20+ years of federal law enforcement including organized crime investigations, the largest level of penetration by an organized crime system was no more than a handful of mid to high level officials and officers, nothing that could ever reach the level of what is mentioned here. This is either a plot for a book, or something out of someone's imagination.

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