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On a raid, between the team on the ground and the commander, are call signs with numbers e.g. Bulldog 1 used?  Would the commander have his own call sign? Thank you.

Each agency has their own identification process for identifying team members entering the net.  The "net" is the channel reserved for that traffic, and nowadays, many agencies are using scramblers to protect the security of the operation.

Some teams may use phrases to identify different sections or individuals, in the Arizona Department of Corrections, they are assigned titles, such as "Command," "Logistics," "operations," etc.  If you Google "Incident Command System" under the Department of Homeland Security, you may find more specific information.  ICS is required by Homeland Security for ALL agencies receiving any form of assistance from the Federal Government.  This system was first utilized by fire departments in the U.S.  It is now in widespread use, including in jails and prisons.

under ICS, radio codes are not preferred, instead plain English is utilized to ensure all involved understand the traffic.  Radio codes have different meanings as you move from agency to agency, but clear text traffic is easy to understand.  Confidential information is relayed by "land line," text messages, or even by runner.

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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