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Is there a parole system in the federal and military prison system or are prisoners required to serve their entire sentence?


There is no longer "parole" in the federal system; however, federal inmates are entitled to statutory "Good Time" which calculates to about 1.5 months per year served. The rule of thumb is that any federal inmate sentenced in a U.S. federal court will serve about 85%-87% of their sentence with the remainder knocked off for "Good Time."

With respect to Military "parole," the Army Clemency and Parole Board, under the authority of  Title 10 United States Code, DoDI Instruction 1325.7, AR-15-130, supports the Army Justice system with the  review of the correctional cases of military prisoners convicted at court martial and sentenced to a term of confinement. It is designed to provide a review of the prisoner case for clemency, parole, and mandatory supervised release according to criteria such as those found in DoDI Instruction 1325.7 and AR-15-130.

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