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The police are called to a school. A boy lies dead on the floor in the lunch room. He had a peanut allergy and died of anaphylactic shock. He was very careful not to eat anything with nuts, and he always kept his EpiPen on him. A student tells the police that she's friends with the boy and noticed his EpiPen was missing when she tried save him. If the police suspect the death isn't an accident, what would they do at this point? For example, question kids sitting at his table? The cafeteria workers? The school administrators?

The police would investigate as any death investigation accident or otherwise until they have reasonably investigated all leads. This would include interviews with any witnesses and collection of any evidence to include food he may have eaten or been exposed to. A primary focus of their investigation would be where his EpiPen was and was there a history between the victim and other students. Who has motive or practical joke gone bad.....hope this helps.

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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