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Hi Mr. Alas,

This may seem like a bizarre and frivolous question, but from you extensive law enforcement perspective, am I the 'squarest' 'young' person around?

I'm 38 and have never broken any laws, except when I was about 8 I stole a jawbreaker from a corner store and was terrified and remorseful afterwards.  I wasn't caught.  I also received one 'no right turn' ticket because I was turning about 5 minutes before it was legal, and one speeding ticket for 10km/h over the limit in my 22 years of driving.  

I did deserve the speeding ticket because I was in a hurry and thought I was only doing 10km/h over the limit, but didn't realize that for a short stretch, the limit was reduced, so I was really doing 20km/h over, but the kind policeman reduced the ticket so I wouldn't lose points and my insurance rate wouldn't go up unless I get another ticket in 3 years (which I don't plan to do).

I drink no alcohol now (in the past I might have had 5-8 drinks per year on special occasions like Christmas), and have never used any illegal drug.  I've never even been tempted to 'experiment' with illegal drugs.  I only take my prescription medication as prescribed.  In high school, I was even completely unaware of any availability of illegal drugs, although there must have been some stuff available since half the school were Deadheads.  I never even drank a drop in high school.

I love watching shows like Cops, To Serve & Protect (the Canadian version of Cops), Alaska State Troopers, To Catch A Smuggler, and a similar show about Canadian Immigration & Customs officers, called Border Security: Canada's Frontline, although I do watch different types of programs as well.  I'm sure you can guess that I'm rooting for law enforcement...

I even wanted to be a police constable, but my incredibly poor eyesight was one reason I never explored that avenue; others being dealing with unpleasant people all the time, risking my life, and all the sad situations you would run into.



Hi Jenn,
Don't feel odd or anything, I was and am pretty much the same way. Never been much of a drinker, never tried any illegal drugs, all-in-all a straight laced. I was pretty much a mellow person, to the point that when I decided to join the Air Force out of high school my dad and brother, that was a police officer already, made bets that I wouldn't make it through boot camp, but I proved them wrong. LOL
But these aren't character flaws, some people feel the need to be out of control. I am an A Type personality and cannot handle not being in control. So don't feel awkward or odd you are in good company with many folks.
Have a great weekend,

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