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What happens when a European mother takes her US born children back to Europe in violation of a US court order? What should the American father do? The European mother has violated a US court order. A foreign court has handed down an order that contradicts the US order. The Supreme Court of the other country has ruled that his children cannot leave their country before there 18 birthdays. The Supreme Court of the other country are ruled that the American father can only see his children in person, (but he can not tough his children), under direct supervision of local law enforcement (to make sure he does not harm his children) and diplomats that work for the US State Department. Law enforcement in Europe is afraid that the American father, will harm/hurt his children. The FBI already has been notified, and the FBI knows the location of the children. The FBI cannot help the American father violate the laws of the other country. The children are afraid to see their American father, but are not afraid see Diplomats that work for the US State Department, FBI agents and even the US attorney in Europe.

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