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I know this may sound a bit odd but I have learned recently of people selling their panties that they have worn
, either online or in person.  I live in Florida and I am wondering what the law is regarding this matter?  I would not and would never offer sexual services, only an exchange of my underwear "for sale".  Nothing in return except payment.  Is this illegal?  It would not be sent by regular mail, but I heard Fed Ex allows this if sealed properly.  Obviously I want to know before I decide to do this.  I have done research for awhile online but have come up still confused on the matter.  Can you please clarify?  Thank you!



Although I am not quite sure about how large your customer base could be, this business idea sounds like it is within the law as it would be legitimately retail.  I am trying to read between the lines and I think you are asking if the panties can be mailed while "soiled."  That could be a problem.  I found nothing that would suggest it is illegal if you were to seal the panties in a small plastic storage container and then sending it in a box mailer.  The question really turns on how much "soiling" the panties contain.  If human feces are present it could be construed as bio-waste and would require a declaration and special fees and handling to process.  As with anything proceed with caution and good taste.  Consult an attorney to help you set up your business in Florida.  

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