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First and foremost thank you for taking the time to read my question. I can't seem to find what state you are in so I am hoping that you are familiar enough with this law to help me.

I reside in NY. I recently traveled through VA and was written a ticket for 83 in a 70. This is how it went.

Officer: Hello, license and reg please?
Me: hands over
Officer: You were speeding I clocked you at 83. I'm going to issue you a citation.
me: ok
Officer: comes back says is the address on the back right?
me: (toddler has been screaming this entire time)
Officer: (hands me the paper)says sign by the x. Explains that court is 10-8 if I don't want to come to court I can mail it in...
Me: hands paper back thank you sir have a great day...
he's gone.

I JUST took the ticket back out to prepare to mail it in and see that 1. its written for reckless driving and NOT a speeding ticket. 2. He put the WRONG address on it (from the front of my ID) 3. the box that says you can mail it in is NOT checked.

In NYS when you are issued a speeding ticket you can go into court and speak with someone from the DA's office who can ask that the charge be reduced (no charge aside from normal court fees). I got letters from attorneys today as well. So, I am faced with a criminal charge and left so very confused on whether or not I can just mail it in (and avoid extra fees) and they can reduce it OR if i mail it in; I'm pleading guilty to a misdemeanor? What does that mean for my clean driving and criminal record? I don't want to take an advertising attorneys advice and pay hundreds of dollars for representation if it is not necessary.
Thank you so much for any insight you can offer on the process of this. I just don't know how things work in that state.


I don't live in Virginia and never worked there but I have heard that in Virginia  many speeding violations are considered reckless driving.  That must be the case in your incident.

As far as the boxes not being checked and the rest you are going to have to take that up with the Virginia authorities or mail in the fine.

Mailing in the fine is tantamount to pleading guilty so it would appear on your driving record.

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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