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Kevin--I am a published writer and I'm developing the fourth book in my mystery series and have a couple of questions concerning that.  

The setting a fictional town in Pennsylvania, near York.

Two expensive guitars worth over $300,000 dollars each are stolen.  Would the charge be grand larceny or would it be two charges of grand larceny?

The victim is murdered in PA.  Her sister lives in Mississippi.  How would the sister be notified?  Would the detectives on the case in PA call her or would they call the local department near her in Mississippi and they would notify her?

The victim who is murdered has a cat.  What would happen to the cat if no other relative is close by?  Could my sleuth offer to take the cat until the detectives make arrangements with the sister?

I'd appreciate any information you could give me.



If the guitars were taken in the same event, depending on the circumstances, it could be a burglary/breaking and entering and grand larceny for any items taken in that one event.

Usually, the investigating agency would call the local police department to make notification and then contact her sometime thereafter or have her call them (PA investigators) when she had an opportunity to compose herself.

Not sure who the "sleuth" is or how they happen to be at a homicide scene, but the police could let him/her have the cat for safekeeping or they would have an "Animal Welfare" officer respond and take the car for safekeeping.

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