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what are some of the reason why an officer might lie on a witness stand? and what can be done proactively to avoid this taking place?  Should the officer be allowed to keep their job?


Officers and agents will lie on the witness stand in court for the same reasons that human beings lie:  Greed, avarice, jealousy, hatred, politics, love, sex, malice,insecurity, a need for self-importance, corruption, moral turpitude, moral bankruptcy, etc.  The list is very long.  A proactive approach is to maintain high standards of officer employment with competitive compensation so that good candidates are interested in the positions.  Another proactive measure would be for each community to ensure that their police departments maintain objective internal affairs sections to investigate accusations of corruption, etc.  Citizens and leaders within the communities must ensure that they run and provide oversight on their officers and not the other way around.  Should an officer keep his or her job?  That depends upon the reason(s) why he or she lied under oath.  Dishonesty and public service should not be compatible, although we can spend all day discussing the multitude of instances where they appear to be in our Society.  Let the punishment fit the crime.  There are many gray areas in life and in the profession.  A thorough investigation should be completed to determine if an infraction was committed and if cause exists to terminate employment.  An officer's most valuable tool is their integrity.  


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