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My boyfriend got pulled over for driving on a revoked licence he got a ticket with.a court date but no fine. When he goes in for his court date is he going to be arrested?

Hey, Adrienne, thanks for the question. Although most state laws are similar regarding license violations, some are different. I can give you a pretty accurate answer for Pa./Philadelphia. For certain violations, we are instructed not to fill in an amount in the 'cost' section of a moving ticket, but, instead, are supposed to write the word 'court'. That's because the traffic court judge will determine the cost.

In most states, believe it or not, driving on a suspended or revoked license is an arrestable offense, but not too many cops will arrest someone & will issue a ticket instead.

Although I cannot guarantee it, I'd doubt that he'll be arrested when he goes for the hearing. There are a few things to keep in mind.  1st, you didn't mention it, but, if he has any outstanding issues or tickets on file, they would require some down-payment or they may hold him. Next, something else most people don't know, traffic courts, mostly anywhere, have one main interest in mind, making money. They're more concerned about making money than putting violations onto your driving record. If he goes there & is honest & willing to work with traffic court with payments and driving conditions, he should be fine.

I hope I answered your questions & please feel free to contact me again. Also, please remember to rate me. Thank you...  

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