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I have a problem that has troubled me a lot since it happened and I need to know what I can do about it.  

On Nov. 2nd I got a prescription refill for Xanax at a local pharmacy (in WV), and that was my last refill on that particular Rx.  At that time I had gotten a new Rx from  my doctor so I turned it in to them so they could put it on "Hold" because I was afraid I would misplace it before needing it again.  I only take Xanax for sleep, 1 per night.  

So 1 month goes by, around Dec 2 or 3rd, and I run out of my Xanax Rx, and I go back to the pharmacy to request a refill.  They inform me that I have no refills left on file, but I am absolutely positive I gave them a brand new Rx the month before with several refills on it.  I came home and turned the house upside down looking for the prescription, because I was doubting myself after the pharmacist told me they had no record of ever receiving it.  But I found nothing, so I know I gave it to them to put on hold.    

So I am thinking someone may have tried to have it filled at another area pharmacy using a fake ID.  I'm sure somebody could get my picture off Facebook and use it for just such a thing.  And I am wanting to contact area pharmacies to ask if they have my name in their records with a Xanax Rx, but I know the privacy laws (HIPAA) and how that information is forbidden to be released.  If you don't have the Rx # they will not tell you anything.  But just knowing somebody stole off me is infuriating.  I had an issue at this pharmacy one other time this year, and it involved Xanax as well.  So I'm thinking they either have a drug addict or a dealer working there, but that is only my suspicion.

I should mention that I have talked to the manager as well as head pharmacist at this pharmacy about this, and they tell me there is nothing they can do without a record of ever having the Rx on file.  But I feel the need to do something about it.  

In your opinion do I have any recourse here?  Do you know of a way I can get information from area pharmacies in case somebody stole my identity and got that Xanax Rx filled in my name?  This is weighing so heavily on my mind its driving nuts.  



 Sorry for the delay, your best recourse is to have your doctor check first.  They can tell him if his scripts are being filled.  If it is, then you can get the local authorities involved.  But on your own, the pharmacies should not be much help unless you have a personal relationship with them.  But you may be able to ask them when was the last time you had a prescription filled and tell them of your suspicions and they may offer some assistance, but speak directly to the pharmacist and not an assistant.


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