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Today, there are over 300 Crime Stopper programs in the United Statrs offering rewards to people providing information that leads to an arrest for a crime.  Should it not be the duty of every citizen to aid their country and not have to be rewarded montetarily for their duties normally associated with being a good citizen? What does this say about our society? What can we do, if anything, to help create a culture of citizen's personal responsibility and accountability?


Yes.  It should be.  However, the concept of being "a good citizen" has been lost in many ways.  There is a reason why civics and other courses are no longer taught in public schools.  The prompting to act in a civic manner by way of monetary reward is a necessary gap filling measure today as morals and mores in our society have changed.  Being "good" is frowned upon.  We teach our children that "no one likes a tattletale," "good guys finish last," etc.  What can we do to help create a culture of personal responsibility and accountability?  We need to start holding people accountable for their own actions, both in speech and writing as well as physical acts.  In 2014 United States we have morphed into a culture where no one is supposed to be better than anyone else.  If you have money you must share it.  If you have greater intellect you have to be dumbed down.  If you have greater athletic ability you have to share the trophy with no special recognition.  Think of the "No Child Left Behind," and "Common Core" teaching curriculum.  America is having her delineating character of robust individuality and ruggedness stripped away.  Being a U.S. "Citizen" has been cheapened and meaningless.  People in many other nations believe that they should profit from being U.S. "Citizens" too due to the extreme largesse the U.S. has shown the world over the last six decades or so.  The way to turn this trend around is to emphasize the greatness of the U.S. and to have Citizens and visitors take stock of our Culture and infrastructure and to not only understand it, but to appreciate and defend it.  Take cheap access to clean and consistent A.C. electricity, another U.S. invention.  Turn it off, for example, and see how quickly Society degenerates into anarchy.  It has oft been said that "if something is worth having it's worth fighting for."  Never has that been so true than now.  When Citizens begin to appreciate the worth of Society they will then begin to stand up to keep and maintain it.  Everyone wants to live in a clean, crime free neighborhood.  To be safe from intrusions.  To be able to have the freedom to come and go as they please.  Few people have the desire to fight for it though.  Another oft used quote/cliche is that "you never really appreciate something until itís gone."  Unless we change, that may be the case for modern America, both in the criminal justice spectrum, but in many more areas.  There is no reason to be ashamed of Nationalism.  Being a United States Citizen is something to be proud of.  This starts at the community level.  Creating personal responsibility and accountability starts in the home.


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