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In 24 Jack Bauer tries to interrogate a person suspected of working with Terrorists. The suspect doesn't tell a thing. Then Jack Bauer shoots his wife in the leg to try to make the suspect more co operating.

I can imagine that there would be no way for a government agent to get away from this kind of deed and that there would be a shitstorm to follow the shooting.

So could you tell me what would happen in real life if a government agent/cop did this? Could you please break it into pieces explaining what would happen. Like explain what happens first and then the second et cetera?

I am so sorry for the delayed response.
Let me try to break this down in the realities;
If the agent actually shot the wife;
The agent immediately after the incident will be relieved of his/her weapon (normal procedure in any shooting) and they will be relieved of duty (in this case without pay) to determine if the agents actions were criminal. If it is determined that is was then the agent will face criminal prosecution.

If the agent was to follow appropriate procedure;
The interrogation could possibly get physical but only against the individual, and never shooting the person (again the agent may face charges). Under the US Patriot Act, modified military interrogation may be used but closely supervised and only with a court approval.

This is a very short answer to a situation that could go a million ways. I hope this helps.


Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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