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Hello!  I had a question about the procedures used when arresting someone for underage use of alcohol.  I live in Michigan.  I have OCD and can often be very paranoid and a worrier.  I don't drink very often but I did a few weeks ago.  After that I also started taking a medicine for depression that gives me very strange vivid dreams.  I remember having what I think was a dream where I was talking to two local police officers when I was drunk.  My paranoid OCD causes me to wonder if I actually had done that and could have been arrested but not realized it.  The night I went out drinking I forgot a little bit of time, however i woke up in my bed as I normally would, with no police paperwork in my room.  If I had been arrested would I know I had been?  Would they have taken me in or is it possible they gave me my citation and I forgot about it, having no memory of the arrest?

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Hey, Steve, thanks for sending me your question. I also apologize for the delayed response. You are usually given some type of paperwork once being released from police custody. It may be a either a copy of your bail or release paperwork or a copy of a citation, or even paperwork informing you of when and when your preliminary court case will occur. If you have no paperwork at all, there's always the possibility that you lost it upon release, which happens a lot.

My suggestion would be to go over to your local police station or court house. No need to give them too much info about your personal life struggles, simply tell them that you misplaced the paperwork from when you were recently arrested and would like to get copies, mostly so you don't miss your court date. They should be able to do a search with only your name. If they say that there's no record of you being arrested recently, then you have your answer.

Good luck and if I can ever be of help, please don't hesitate to let me know. Please remember to rate me after reading.  

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