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Hello!  Thanks for being an expert to answer my question!

I am a police officer in North Carolina.  I am taking an online Law Enforcement Leadership Course from an online college and our current assignment is to write an internal affairs report.  We were given a set of facts and circumstances and we have to write the official report.  

My question is: What is the format used to write the report.  I tried to find sample reports online, but can't seem to locate anything but generic stuff.  How should I format my report, as an internal affairs investigator would.

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There is no standard way to write an internal affairs report.  Your department might do it one way while the county next to yours might do it another way.

Generally though I would suggest you write it just like an investigative report in police work.

Name of person complaining.

Name of the officer who is under investigation.

A synopsis about what he/she is complaining about.

A full investigative report of the incident/allegation.


Finding.  Sustained/not sustained/unfounded or whatever language your department uses.

Wouldn't your own department let you look at an old report as long as the names were hidden?  O

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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