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Hello!  Thanks for being an expert to answer my question!

I am a police officer in North Carolina.  I am taking an online Law Enforcement Leadership Course from an online college and our current assignment is to write an internal affairs report.  We were given a set of facts and circumstances and we have to write the official report.  

My question is: What is the format used to write the report.  I tried to find sample reports online, but can't seem to locate anything but generic stuff.  How should I format my report, as an internal affairs investigator would.

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The format for an Internal Affairs (IA) report is broken down as such:

1. Addressed to the requesting body.  This is the confidential person(s) or body that the IA Department answers to.  It could be the Mayor/Chief of Police, Commissioner(s), Council Members, etc.

2. A block of narrative addressing the alleged complaint(s) and/or incidents.

3. Your investigation starting with your findings.  Then you include your interviews, evidence found or uncovered, other leads, etc.  This will be the bulk of your report.

4. A synopsis of the complaint(s) and your findings.

5. Your own opinion as to whether or not there was any criminality on the part of the Officer(s) involved and recommendation for the need for any further investigation.

6. Sign and date the report.  

This is a very broad approach to an IA report and other areas may be added and/or omitted as you see fit.  The investigation portion will have sub-categories for the actions that the IA Officers engaged in.  I hope this helps.


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