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My son found on Youtube videos (and last night on Yahoo news at a McDonald's restaurant) where men are walking down public streets, carrying Ar-15 shaped rifles, with the nylon straps, over their backs and front, followed by a guy with a video camera), waiting for people to call in to 911, and then 'discussing' their right to 'bear arms, to the police.

Personally, I just think this is a very bad idea. Terrifies the public, pisses off the police. I know nothing about gun ownership, but what these guys are saying is? Some states you can legally walk around with rifles, but NO state allows hand guns on a belt holster, i.e. concealed weapons laws, or is it legal in states that have concealed weapons laws; to carry a rifle in a zipper gun case, ie. 'concealed' around in public?

I just think you are putting a mental 'target' on yourself doing this. What if someone looks out their house window, or drives by and is armed, panics, and see's you? Bang! So much for the right to bear arms.

I think people are eating crazy-dust. Thanks for the time.


There are states that allow an "open carry" where weapons can be worn on a belt.  One such state is Alabama, for example.  Having lived there for nearly three years I have never witnessed anyone exercise that option.  However, it can be done legally.  I think that the Second Amendment proponents who do exercise this option by carrying rifles, etc. are doing just that.  Exercising their right and calling attention to it.  Could it backfire?  Of course.  Should police who respond be cautious?  Of course.  In a Nation where people are feeling empowered to do whatever they want with no consequences I believe that a cautious, but trusting response from law enforcement officers is what is required to deal with legally armed citizens.  In short, what they are doing is legal.  Some people may not agree but no law has been transgressed.  Proceed with caution which will help to preserve the U.S. Constitution.  


Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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