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I am currently spending weekends in jail. I have served 22 days and only have 8 more to go. I have never been late or missed any days. I work construction so the summer months are busy and I am able to make up for time lost during the winter.  My boss is overwhelmed at this time and I could really use the hours to make some money in order to pay my fines and jail fees. I have heard of people in similar situations writing the judge asking for him to grant time served or waive the remaining days. I could really use some advise on how to address this matter. I have not been able to make any payments to the courts. I have a family to support and I'm struggling to make ends meet not being able to pick up the extra hours.  what are my options? how do i go about writing a letter in a professional manner?


I think that your option is to contact your Judge and petition for the waiver of your last 8 days.  It sounds like you know what you want and need to do.  It sounds like a good plan.  Your question here is well written.  I think that if you wrote to the Judge handling your case in this manner by just simply explaining your circumstances it will serve you well.  Ensure that your letter has your information and docket number on it and that you mail it certified and that it goes to the clerk of court.   


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