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What would happen? Local police wants to arrest a person that is wanted for murder in the United States. A European says can lured the fugitive aboard a yacht in international waters off Cyprus with promises of a drug deal, where the FBI can make the arrest, and fly him to Andrews Air Force Base. The FBI needs to be sure that law enforcement in Cyprus is not aware of this before hand. This European is a citizen of the United States and Greece.

Hello, again, thank you for your second question. The scenario that you provided is interesting, but doesn't really contain a question. However, a part that raises an immediate ref flag, is the part about the FBI not wanting the government of Cyprus to know that the U.S. is conducting such an operation in Cyprus waters. The reason that I say that, is because this would raise serious concerns. International Law is very strict regarding the unauthorized entry into other counties borders, in and out of water. An operation like you mention could put many things in jeopardy, not to mention the safety of all involved.

It also creates the risk of for a huge international disturbance between governments. I don't see such an operation actually happening in real life. BUT, similar to the capture of Bin Laden, should such an operation be necessary, the United States government would likely make the whole thing extremely covert and silent, likely using Navy Seals for the mission.

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