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I'm working through revisions on a novel and I have a question - it's crime related, ironically this portion of the book is set in Alabama so Alabama state laws would be in effect. Here's my scenario.

Live-in boyfriend/girlfriend situation. The man gets drunk and gets into a big fight with the girlfriend. She gets in her car to try and leave but he ends up taking a baseball bat to the car and does a lot of damage. She was okay, not harmed.

What's the crime? And could he do prison for the crime? I need a situation where the guy is getting out of prison and turning his life around (ie. quitting drinking.)

Thanks for your insight and I look forward to your response.

Yes, currently laws in Alabama for that type of situation would fall under Domestic violence. If you kick, push, shove, harass, annoy, alarm or subject a person to physical contact that is harassment. If that person is a current or former dating or engagement relationship, current or former household member or current or former spouse it falls under Domestic Violence.  

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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I prefer not to answer questions about the death penalty, that is an area that is very debatable and far too varied. I prefer questions based on Alabama Law since laws vary from state to state. As for penalties about pending cases anyone can look those up on a search of the state code and courts vary from one to the other so penalties can also.


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