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Hi. I have some traffic tickets, and currently, I do not have the money to pay them. I live in Texas and I inquired about community service, but was unable to do it, because so many people had already signed up before me. My question is, do you know of any alternative methods to rectify this situation if you simply do not have the money to pay?

I am an online college student, however, due to an unfortunate situation, I am currently an inactive student. I thought about writing to the Judge but do you think saying I am an inactive student will cause him not to take me seriously? Do you think I should tell him this? Thanks.


You never specified what kind of driving record you had, how many tickets or where in Texas (all the same county?), but you might seek a differed payment of the tickets.

Based on your comment, we will assume you are admitting that the traffic tickets are valid and you don't intend to fight them. Therefore, you might contact the prosecutor's office in the county where you got the tickets. Set them for adjudication in front of a judge, plead guilty to the tickets (but ONLY if you're guilty) and have the judge allow you to pay the tickets according to your financial abilities.

Explain your inability to pay at the moment and ask the prosecutor/judge to allow you to continue driving and give you a reasonable period of time to pay the fines. You would agree that if you don't pay them by the agreed upon date, your license would be revoked.

The fact that you are trying to correct the situation usually carries a lot of weight with the Court.

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