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Hello. I have a question. Long story short...I got a traffic ticket and now there is an outstanding warrant. I wrote the Judge to explain to him how I was unable to pay all of the money at once. I just do not have the money and I thoroughly explained my situation.

Well, I received an email from the Deputy Court Clerk and she said this: "In reference to your subject matter, the judge requires that you come to the court and fill out an application. You will need to come in to fill out the application and will need to allow the time for a short interview."

Do you think it is smart for me to go to the court house? Wouldn't they arrest me right on the spot? Thank you for your time.

Miss Wilson,

Sorry for delay.  No, most likely the Court will help you establish a payment plan in order to pay your fine.  That is a process which you must agree to in a formal acceptance.  I would go and help yourself to get through this situation.  As the letter says, you have to fill out a formal application and the Judge has to review and approve it.  It is a good way to solve your issue as it benefits all parties involved.  

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