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QUESTION: not sure where to ask this question. I will probably ask a few people and see if anyone can give me an answer.

We live in Etowah County Alabama.

my mom has become addicted to something, nobody knows what it is, but it causes her to slur, hallucinate, act violent and out of control.

She stole my mawmaw's check book and forged over $1000 in checks, so there was no option but to press charges.

I just received phone call that the police picked her up, and they found xanax, norcos, and "unidentified" pills in her possession wrapped up in cellophane. they also found other check books of my mawmaw's in her vehicle.

my mom has manic bipolar disorder and I think her self medicating has gotten so out of control she has become this stranger and none of us know this person.

my questions:

will they throw her in a jail cell and let her (literally) detox to death?
will they get help for her or will she just go to prison for the rest of her life?

she needs help desperately because she has never been like this. she has hit rock bottom so to say.

I don't want my mommie to die in a jail cell. it scares me and makes me very upset.

ANSWER: I need a little more information in order to help you but I will be glad to.
How old is your mom and has she ever been in any trouble before? Exactly what is she being charged with? I would really rather be able to talk to you since this is a very in depth question.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yes, before her bipolar disorder was diagnosed. As a teenager she got in numerous situations where drugs and alcohol was involved. She has been arrested a couple times due to unpaid traffic tickets, and had her license revoked after a DUI in the early 1990s.
I'm not sure what all they charged her with aside from forgery. But I know they probably added charges to her since she had controlled substances on her person.

OK, has she ever been offered court ordered rehab? Did she now or ever have a prescription for the pills she had? How old is she now? Were the offenses before given youthful offender status? Has she ever signed any of the checks with permission in the past? How many is numerous? You say revoked? not suspended? What jurisdiction is this in?

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