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I'm not entirely sure if you can answer this question,but I hope you can. A couple of weeks ago we went to Disney world in Fl. We are residents. Anyway we left about 2 pm and our bus want scheduled to pick us up till 4pm. So we decided to take a city bus to our motel. Well, the problem started when our buss driver dropped us off at the wrong spot and told us 2 walk. Not being from the area,brilliant me figure it was just around the corner. It turned out to be 3 miles around the corner. It got dark while we were walking. I called the motel and asked her to ring a room,any room, hoping someone would have a heart and come get us. I held my thumb out hoping someone would stop. No luck. So I called 911. The operator said a police officer would NOT come and put us in the back of his car and give us a lift. Now my question is why???? Every police car says 'to protect and serve'. Well the police won't protect us from possibly being hit if someone had lost control of their car, or serve us simply by not making uswalk.k! Praise the Lord a citizen had a heart and stopped to help by doing what police won't! YES I told the 911 operator this entire story! It was dark and we had to walk

The "serve" meaning, while emulated differently by all departments, most certainly is not meant to convey that the police force is obligated to act as a concierge service for its citizens. While I can understand how your situation must have been frustrating, it was not an emergency. Obviously the police can't make themselves available to be a government taxi service. This service would be abused and tie up personnel and cost tax payers lots of money.  

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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