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Would a person still be required to answer questions to local and state law and federal enforcement? He tells the US attorney that he rather answers question under oath in a federal grand jury. He wants the US attorney to tell local and state law enforcement to stay away from him, and if necessary get a federal court order requiring local and state law enforcement to stat away from him.


It would appear that we are missing the first part of your question(s); therefore, we don't know under what circumstances law enforcement wants to speak with you. However, based on what you have provided, we can tell you that under ordinary circumstances, you are not required to speak with law enforcement especially, if something you say (or not say) would tend to incriminate you in a crime.  

If law enforcement wants to speak with you regarding a crime (state or federal) and you have some personal knowledge of/or participation in that crime, we would STRONGLY suggest that you speak with an attorney before you meet with any prosecutors or law enforcement personnel - and NEVER be in a hurry to be testify in any state/federal grand jury. If you do, have your attorney insist on Blanket Immunity for anything you say in front of that grand jury - in other words, no immunity, no testimony!!

A State Court Order would suffice to get a Restraining Order against law enforcement harassment.

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