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QUESTION: What happens when a person is sent, to jail and he does not get along will with the other inmates but gets along well with the prison staff? He is a model prisoner and can be placed in Minimum/ Low security institutions.

ANSWER:  Thanks for the question. Usually trouble inmates, ones that don't get along with other inmates, are placed in single cells which are typically in maximum or at least medium level sections/institutions. A disciplinary period of 15-30 days will usually follow the incident which lead to the inmate being rehoused. During this period various privileges can be taken away.

It is quite common for new inmates that are placed in housing units with multiple other inmates to purposefully start an incident in hopes of being rehoused to a single cell. However, with being rehoused usually entails less perks, i.e. no tv, less recreation time, no games, and by default very limited human interaction. So basically it comes down to what you value more.

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QUESTION: What happens when this person asks on his first day that he does not want to have contact with any other inmates but wants to have a lot of contact with jail/prison staff? Can this well-behaved inmate have access to Internet and cable TV? Can this inmate order food from the outside the jail/prison to eat if he pays for this him self.

The housing unit/institution you will be assigned to is determined by several things including your offense and criminal history, past incarceration behavior(if any), and more exigent circumstances such as medical needs, suicide risk, or whether you are high profile (celebrity, former law enforcement, or case was in the news a lot).

Inmates would never have access to the internet, regardless of classification status. While television access is common, lineup is usually limited to local channels only. Inmates would also not be allowed to order food from outside. Most every penal institution will have some form of in-house commissary program in place through which inmates are able to purchase items such as candy bars, ramen noodle, soap, playing cards, otc medication, etc.

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