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Hello. I never had a good relationship with my parents and it's gotten worse since they found out I was sexting someone. I'm currently 17 and I will be 18 in less than a month. I sent nudes, without my face in the picture to someone over the age of 18. I also received money from my friend but my mom thinks I got paid for the nudes which I didn't - everything was entirely consensual. The police took away my phone. I didn't give them consent to search, so they will have to get a warrant. I don't know what I should do... wait it out? my life is spiraling out of control. My mom didn't even consult me first about the photos, like a normal and sane parent would do....she went straight to the police

they(the police) think I'm being trafficked, albeit telling them EVERYTHING I did was consensual and not forced and I know for a fact that the man I had sex with isn't a damn trafficker. He's a genuine guy and I realize it was a mistake telling him I was 18 when I wasn't... because I'm pretty sure the law doesn't care if I said I did or not, it's still on him.

What should I expect?
What will they do to him?
... is it inevitable that he'll be charged...?

I'm moving out the day I turn 18 into a friend's place.


You omitted a lot of information about the age of your friend, how you met him, if you met him is person, etc. In any event, we will answer what we can.

Being the type of firm we are (staffed with former federal law enforcement personnel), we cannot condone anyone underage 'sexting' or transferring sexually explicit photographs over the Internet to anyone - especially, an individual who is considerably older. At least you had the foresight to omit your face.

With respect to your phone, if the account is in your parent's name, the police do not need a search warrant - the account holder can authorize a "dump" of the phone. Depending on the service provider, the police can extract texts and pictures that you sent your friend. They would, however, need a search warrant for your friend's phone and, trust us, they will dump his telephone and most probably, his computer too. The purpose will be to see who else has been sending him pictures and sexually related text messages. If your ages are close and the guy is not a sexual 'predator,' the police will probably not hammer him. However, if he is a sexual predator of underage girls, I can assure you that he will be charged either through the state or federally.

Not to lecture you, but we admire your parents. Even though you have normal teenage differences with them, your parents are no doubt concerned about you and your safety. Remember what Mark Twain said, "...I can't believe how smart my parents got from the time I was 17 until the time I turned 25." We wish we had more 'concerned' parents in this country.

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