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QUESTION: Hi  I was just wondering if someone knows of another person committing a crime and doesn't report it can they get arrested or in trouble too?  This crime was Possession of Child Porn.  Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Thank You!

ANSWER: Becky-

The short version - it would depend on how you came to be in possession of the information - was it inadvertent or were you a participant (accessory).

The offense you mention is very serious and has extremely harsh punishments. It is certainly nothing to "wonder" about.

If you are reluctant to "dime" somewhat out on this offense, you can contact our firm and we can guide you through what to do. KMT at thempmgroup dot com.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your info....I was just curious as to this question I asked.  A friend of mine, her friend's husband was the man arrested for this.  I don't think she participated in this act, but I'm sure she knew because he was arrested before for stalking children.


Again, if she did not participate in the criminal activity, she should have nothing to worry about. Secondly, he cannot testify against her and she cannot be forced to testify against him if they are legally married.

In any event, you should tell he that should the police come to interview her, she should say NOTHING to them without consulting with an attorney.

The MPM Group, Inc.

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