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i guess this is a pretty shallow question but i just want to know exactly what they are and what they do. my dad and grandma have been suing their cousins for years for a property that belonged to my grandma's brother. but i'm not asking about that. what i want to ask is what does a mediating officer exactly do in a mediation? because every time my dad comes home after mediation sessions, he looks like he could explode. and he says it's because the other party is just so arrogant and insane and i wonder what the mediating officer does there because my dad is always so close to strangling the other party. are mediating officers lawyers? do they ask questions or do they just let both parties start and finish their exchange? or are they beefed up guys who should be bulky enough to intervene when it gets physical? or are they lawyers who should know everything about the law and enlighten both parties of who's right and wrong according to the law; maybe persuade one party to give way? or are they random people (not a lawyer or something) appointed by the court to literally just sit there and be a legal "witness" to whatever happens there? thank you in advance. ps.: please don't tell me to just ask my dad. he's very condescending all the time so i try my best to never ask him about anything. thank you.


Your intuition is right on point.  A mediation officer is usually an attorney or attorneys who are versed in the law and are trying to work out a compromise between potential litigants so that both parties feel they have obtained a measure of justice.  Mediation is a valuable tool for courts as it prevents unnecessary lawsuits and appeals from hard feelings after the fact.  Hopefully your family can compromise and come to agreeable terms with one another.  

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