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Hi Jim,

I'm writing a novel, and have hit a (major) snag. My research is telling me that persons looking to visit inmates awaiting trial (in remand) usually don't need a visiting order. Well, that solved part of the problem, but the character then advances to BEING on trial, and I can't seem to find an answer anywhere as to whether inmates are (generally) allowed to participate in visits during this time. I realize that all jails have different rules, but am wondering if there is a "set" one when it comes to this that I'm unaware of? Thank you so much. :-)

I believe visitation is a basic right, but can be limited or cancelled if extenuating circumstances exist, such as disturbances, inmate attempts at self harm, or assault on anyone, especially staff.  The last one is especially likely to restrict or change the  visitation conditions.  Rule violations during in visitation will result in the suspension of visitation for 30 days or more.

I hope this helps you.

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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