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Hello Mr. Savage,

    I had written you close to ~2-3 months ago in reference to a speeding ticket, expired vehicle registration, and an expired license.  During that time I had asked for a trial by jury.  Yesterday was my day but since I saw that it was not going to go in my favor after them dropping the charges on the registration and license I decided to just pay off the speeding ticket.  Either way what they were going to ask 2 months prior for payment(speeding ticket) was reduced even more.
    You weigh it out, you know?  One asks, "Do I take the chance in facing an officer with a district attorney who is never in favor of one along with the rest there at the courthouse and come out with a way larger fine or just go with what is presented to no longer see their faces?  
    I could have gotten all technical had pursued it but with a jury that already does not want to be there(some not all?) they are most likely in a willing mood to help their fellow citizen.  The public in general does not understand the importance of trial by jury along with their duty/obligation due to their indifference in general regardless of the education they may have.
    On a very side note.  Why and I stress WHY is it that when people go to court they do not dress up?  Jesus Christ, you are going to be treated just like the way show up and people wonder why they are "profiled".  I was treated very courteous from the moment I walked in through the front doors.  It makes a huge difference!
    Any handbook or just a good general law book that you may recommend to me, please?

         Thank you,

         J. Gonzalez


Good to hear from you again. I'm glad you were able to get everything taken care of. You shouldn't have any regrets about just paying the ticket. It could have been a slam dunk and over in seconds, or it could have been a drawn out circus that left you feeling more vengeful and frustrated than before. If the phrase "Choose your battles wisely" has any application, it's to the legal system, both civil and criminal.

As for as good reading goes, the Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Manual is about as good as it gets. The manuel contains the penal code, code of criminal procedure, and the transportation code, along with a bunch of other minor codes. Police officers use it as their main study guide in the academy, and most patrol officers have one in their car for reference. It's a definite read for anyone that wants to know their rights and the law. It's updated every two years with the Texas legislation, and you can get a copy from for about $50. Good luck.

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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