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QUESTION: is it legal for somebody to call the cops on your boyfriend an have him removed from the house for hitting your kid without any  kind of proof what so ever?

ANSWER: well, did he hit him is the first question

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QUESTION: No!He has never put his hands on either of his girlfriend's girls. Her daughter bruises very easily and the doctor hasn't been able to figure out why. They thought she was Anemic but the tests came up negative. He loves them girls like they are his own and would put himself in harm's way to protect them. They are scared though cause they have never had to deal with CPS before. They could really use some advice on what the best thing to do would be. Thanks

Most law enforcement officers do not take domestic violence seriously. Ohio law is different than Alabama. We actually have a provision written in the state code that tells officers what they MUST do when called to a report of domestic violence.
In your case, if CPS investigated it and found no problem then I would consider a civil suit against the person that reported it if nothing else but to have proof that it was unfounded and prevent future accusations.
I am attaching a link to where you can read the state code.

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I prefer not to answer questions about the death penalty, that is an area that is very debatable and far too varied. I prefer questions based on Alabama Law since laws vary from state to state. As for penalties about pending cases anyone can look those up on a search of the state code and courts vary from one to the other so penalties can also.


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