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Hello Mr. Savage,
    Once again.  I am writing you as months ago I had asked you some trial by jury questions if you recall?  Here in San Antonio, TX. by the way.  
    Question?  I had another infraction ~3 months ago and it was for not wearing my seat-belt.  I asked for trial by jury and my day was suppose to be this(May) month on the 25th.  However, this past Saturday I received a letter from the city with basically the same information (reminding what I thought at that moment) that I had trial by jury coming up on the 25th.  
    Fortunately, the night before the trial by jury, I looked at the summons/letter to make sure on the time and when I looked with finer detail, the date was changed which was the reason for this letter.  
    Basically changed to the next month at the very end.  Why would they do this?  What are the variables?  Could the officer have put it off or --->what say so does the officer have?

         Thank you,



   Good to hear from you again. However, I wish it was under better circumstances. The re-scheduling could be do to scheduling issues with the officer, i.e. vacation time, another more important court appearance, or scheduled training. Also, the judge or attorney might have had a scheduling conflict that necessitated the change of date. Nothing really to worry about, it just gives you more time to prepare.

While your no seat belt violation is considered a non moving violation, each MOVING violation your convicted of counts as two points on your driving record. Once you reach 6 points or more, the state will hit you with a surcharge fee. So try to stop attracting so much attention from cops when you drive. LOL.

Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty

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