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QUESTION: I have a perfect driving record and that's why I'm not sure what to do. I was driving 19 mph over the 30 mph speed limit. I think the officer said that if I take it to court he will be there and dismiss the ticket, but I can't be sure if that's what he said. It is a very expensive fine, over $200.

What should I do? I may not be here and may not be able to go to court, and if there's any chance I can pay less or have it dismissed I'd like to know how.

I'd appreciate any help.


It sounds like you were traveling through an area/region you don't normally go through.  It would not make sense to me that the citing Officer would dismiss the ticket at court.  My suggestion would be to telephone the Officer who issued the citation and find out what he said exactly.  Most Officers are reasonable and if you can justify it, perhaps you can request consideration where if he lowers the speed to 5 MPH over the limit, that you will simply pay the citation and not contest it.  There are other deals that could possibly be made which result in a win/win for both parties.  The Officer who is there to rightly enforce the law, and you who would most likely pay the fine if the penalty was not so steep.  

Again, the first step is to find out exactly what the Officer told you.  From my experience if you show at court then you will sit through the proceeding and have the judge decide your guilt or innocence.  Ask the citing Officer to work with you so that your insurance premium does not climb +10% when they audit your driving record in a couple of years, etc.  I hope this information helps.


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QUESTION: Thank you for your help. Just need to know how to contact the officer. I don't think his phone number is anywhere on the ticket. So if I ask him to lower the speed to 5 MPH, then I can pay it without going to court?

However, I think police officers get extra pay when they show up in court. Therefore he might not agree to that. But it's good advice and I'll look into it. Thanks.


Contact the Officer by tracking down the police department general number and asking to leave him a message.  You could even ask for the Officer's departmental e-mail address and contact him through that medium.  If he agrees to lower the speed to 5 MPH over the limit then just pay it through the court (teleohone).  However, you might be correct about the Officer wanting court time because it usually is time and one-half pay or more.  If you have to show in court ask the Officer in person to reduce the speed to 5 MPH over the limit as a courtesy because it will negatively affect your driving record.  If he does agree to plead guilty right there so that it is a win/win for all parties.  The process begins with you getting into contact with him.  I hope this helps.  


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